Providing elderly outreach and a non-crisis support line (for all ages).

Hi, I am Dr. Angel. I have been in the mental health field since 1998, completed my doctorate in clinical psychology in 2011, and have been teaching college level courses in the field since 2008. In all of my experience, I have always felt that something is missing. I feel the resources or options to deal with the average day-to-day life experiences are not conveniently or readily available. There are so many minor things that we experience on a daily basis that don’t require the intensity of traditional mental health services, but could still benefit from some simple processing with someone that has a mental health or human services background. This unmet need, especially in the elderly population, is what I seek to address through these services.

Meet our Founder

Services Suspended due to lack of funding.

Services Suspended due to lack of funding.

We are always looking for volunteers! If you are interested please contact us.​​​

The Board of Directors:

President and Chief Executive Officer: Angel Doring

Secretary: Lauriellen Mustful

Treasurer: Lisa Vix

Chief Financial Officer: Patrick Doring

Volunteers and Members of the Board: Sherre Rinkenberger, Misty Rinkenberger, Mindy Rinkenberger, Molly Jo West, Jordan West, and Ben Westerberg

Why Chatology Services was created:  


The elderly population is often underserved when it comes to mental health and access to mental health professionals. This demographic continues to be ignored, often placed away, out of sight, and not thought to need access to a trained professional with which they could share their thoughts, struggles, frustrations, and goals for the future. Chatology Services aims to close the gap that exists and provide services to people who just need to talk, but lack the access or ability to easily meet this need. 

Our founder decided to describe what we want to do by calling it “chatology.” We like to think of it as a new term to acknowledge the idea that these services are intended to be somewhere between a simple chat and traditional psychological mental health services. We believe the day-to-day types of things that would be perfect for this approach generally only need 15 to 30 minutes to discuss or process, rather than more significant issues that may require the commitment of going in for a one-hour therapy session on a weekly basis for six to eight weeks, as is common in traditional mental health services. Of course, upon discussion sometimes it may become clear that the issue being processed may benefit from more traditional mental health service and in that case, we are happy to find an appropriate referral source. 

Our services are flexible and free of charge, meaning a session with one of our clients presents no financial hardship; rather, it is an invaluable opportunity for an underserved population to find improved mental health.  We at Chatology Services are passionate about our mission, and know that our growing elder population deserves quality time to share their thoughts, feelings, and viewpoints. We are a public 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and we ask support for our efforts, knowing that this mission is one of vital importance for not only our current generation, but for all generations to come. 

While the primary goal is to provide these services in person for the elderly in nursing homes and assisted living settings, we recognize that many people might also benefit from these services. We are hoping to use this website as a vehicle to drive donations to support the services that are provided to the elderly, but if you choose to make a donation you may also request to utilize these services yourself as our secondary goal is to provide these services over the phone to anyone who feels they might benefit from them. If you choose to donate and do not want to use the services that is perfectly fine, but if you are interested in utilizing these services give us a call and try it out!