Services Suspended due to lack of funding.

Services Suspended due to lack of funding.

Providing elderly outreach and a non-crisis support line (for all ages).

What do people typically talk about if they call?

  • Anything and everything. We do recommend people prepare for the call with at least a few important details that they want us to know. 

Here are some examples of the general reasons people might want to use our support line services: 

  • Conversations – Need to have a difficult, awkward, or uncomfortable conversation with a friend, loved one, co-worker, or your boss?​
  • Decisions – Need to make a difficult choice, or have a great opportunity that is coming at a not so great time?
  • Experiences – Just had a weird experience or almost got in an accident?
  • Media – Saw something in social media or on TV that upset you, or maybe you are just sad about the end of your favorite show?
  • Miscellaneous – All of the above or none of the above?​​

How does a call work?​

  • If you choose to call us, you will hear, “Hello you've reached Chatology Services, how may I help you?” At that point you take over, it is as simple as that. There will be a gentle reminder when we should wrap up if we are getting close to a full 30 minute call. We do try to limit the calls to 15 to 30 minutes specifically because this is designed for simple day-to-day issues that should be able to be processed in that amount of time. This is not therapy so if more time than that is necessary to process your issue therapy might be a more appropriate and effective option. If during the call we find this is the case, we are happy to make a referral to a more helpful resource.

Why should I make a donation?

  • We are a public 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization so we depend on your generous donations to keep these services up and running and most importantly they allow for us to provide these services in person for the elderly in nursing homes and assisted living settings, free of charge, but keep in mind if you choose to make a donation you may also request to utilize these services yourself.

Is the call recorded and what kind of records do you keep?​​

  • These services are not recorded, the only information that will be kept is your name (first name only is fine if that is all you want to give), a brief description of the issue discussed, along with the date and time you called. This information is only collected for our records and will be kept safe, secure, and confidential.